Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is more than just the floor you walk on. It’s where your feet sink in and feel the soft comfort of home after a long hectic week. It’s where your children build lifetime memories of the house they grew up in. It’s simply where your family is. The Carpet Carpet Cleaning Co. is here to bring that carpet back to life.

If your carpet is showing signs of neglect or dirt and grime let us restore is to that beautiful comfortable centerpiece it is supposed to be.

As the leading carpet cleaning service company in the nation, we offer a variety of carpet cleaning services to cover whatever solution it is you might need, from residential, furniture repairs to large commercial cleaning services. Call us today for an in-depth consultation with our clean carpet experts today and get back to having a fresh house.

The Carpet Cleaning Co.
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We can help guide you through the process of choosing the most appropriate service for your needs, saving you time and money!

We provide the following carpet cleaning methods:


Skipping this step creates mud which gets forced down into your carpet & can actually make your carpet dirtier then it was to start with!

Pre-Spotting & Spraying:

We take the time to pre-treat your carpet. This helps the stains come up more complete and prevents them from coming back after we leave.


We clean the edges of your carpet manually to ensure a thorough clean all the way up to the edge of your walls. Skipping this step can mean that only part of your carpets get clean!

Deep Steam Clean or Dry-Chem:

We use a high power rotating steam cleaner that treats the carpet, agitates the carpet, heats the carpet & suctions the dirt simultaneously for a truly deep, penetrating clean!

Drying & Raking:

Finally, we use high power fans to dry your carpet & we simultaneously rake your carpet to eliminate the swirl pattern left by our steam cleaner.

Remember, if you want your project done right, trust local professionals that you can constantly count on.