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We at Carpet Cleaning Roseville CA love to ask the difficult questions. What’s appealing about having a carpet?

Does it give a home a more comforting vibe feel? Or is it because it keeps floors warmer in the colder months?

People have different reasons for liking different things. However, when it comes to having a carpet people tend to agree on one thing: they tend to agree that, yes, carpets are nice, but they are also very difficult to maintain. Oh, and they stain.

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Our professional carpet cleaning Roseville experts like to tell their clients that, to better understand the process, they need to imagine a certain situation in their home.

Imagine you are relaxing on your couch having a nice glass of red wine. You feel good and content. As you get up to go to the bathroom, you fumble; then, you stumble. The red wine spills and you watch as the red color splashes against the white carpet.

Dejectedly, you make your way to the kitchen to get a paper towel and wash cloth; however, you quickly realize that you can’t remove this kind of stain.

How do you fix this kind of spill, or how do you make such a stain go away? One such way is the use of home carpet cleaners such as Rug Doctor or Simple Green for carpet stains or by simply contacting your local carpet cleaning service company to do it for you.

Face the facts: not everyone likes the idea of asking for help. We like to feel independent and intelligent.

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What we don’t like is the idea that we have to adhere to the demands the knowledge of someone else. When it comes to keeping a clean carpet, the professionals at carpet cleaning Roseville recommends home-owners try the following before calling any kind of a professional for clean up:

Vacuum your carpets twice a week. If you have more people living in your home, or tend to have people over on a daily basis – and people walking on your carpet – we suggest that you may want to vacuum a little more regularly. Also, it is encouraged that you invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Why? Because the better quality equipment you use, the more efficient it is, and the less you have to use it.

Avoid the Spill! The best way to keep a carpet clean is to make sure no stains can occur. This may mean setting up an environment wherein no food is eaten in the room with the carpet, or not wearing shoes inside the house.

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When to Ask For Help:

When is a good time to get a professional carpet cleaning service with Roseville Carpet Cleaning Co. in your area? Most carpets have a specific warranty that is activated upon installation. Typically, this warranty will cover a fairly long period of time. The problem with such kind of longevity is that it comes at a cost. What is this cost?

Metaphorically speaking, it is the fact that a carpet’s warranty is only valid if the carpet is clean. What does clean mean? For carpet experts, it means being almost identical in beauty and durable as it was at purchase. So, it usually requires a homeowner to get professional carpet cleaning every twelve to eighteen months.

Types of Cleaning Methods:

The Carpet Cleaning Co. is more than your typical cleaning service. This is actually a very good trait to have. Why? It is such a positive attribute because it ensures that our carpet cleaning company is following all the proper cleaning protocols. In other words, it makes sure you get all ‘bang for your buck’.

A few techniques include:

Steam Cleaning: Our technicians uses steam cleaning equipment that sprays heated water on the carpet, while it sprays the water it simultaneously vacuums up all pollutants.

Hot Water Extraction: There are many inexpensive steam cleaning vacuums that can be purchased, as well as more expensive vacuums that are used by such California carpet cleaning services like Roseville Carpet Cleaning Co.

With our Roseville carpet cleaning professionals you can be sure to get the best, quickest and friendliest carpet cleaning service in town. Add in the fact that we have very affordable rates – and add in the fact that we offer a free assessment before any cleaning begins – and you have a situation that is win-win.

Roseville Carpet Cleaners never uses toxic chemicals. Never. All our products are 100% natural, ensuring that your carpet is never damaged in a cleaning process. Also, our carpet cleaning pros can handle just about any situation, from red wine stains to unforgiving pet odors.

No worries… all of our carpet cleaning jobs are 100% Guaranteed!

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The lowest carpet cleaning prices are not always the least expensive in the long run, and the carpet cleaner with the highest price tag is not always the best solution. Before signing an agreement, investigate companies through the Better Business Bureau and trade organizations. Also look for professional certifications, and online reviews such as Facebook, Yelp or

If you are looking for a great carpet cleaning service in California than look no further we are the best carpet cleaners in Roseville CA.