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How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Your Carpet

Cabernet and carpet don’t mix, but if you act quickly you can save the day.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Your Carpet

Step 1:
Immediately blot the stain — don’t rub it, blot it — with paper towels. Start from the outer edges of the stain and work your way in.

If you don’t have anything else on hand, pour a thick layer of salt on the stain to keep it from setting. When you have the proper cleaning ingredients, vacuum up the salt and follow the rest of the steps.

Step 2:
Mix together the dish washing liquid, white vinegar, and warm water in a bowl.

Step 3:
Blot the mixture onto the stain with a clean white rag, starting at the outer edges of the stain. As you go, blot the same area with a dry rag or paper towels, alternating between dabbing on the cleaning solution and blotting it dry.

For stubborn stains, pour a mixture of one part dish washing liquid and two parts hydrogen peroxide on the stain, but first dab a little on an inconspicuous spot to make sure it won’t cause discoloration.

Step 4:
When the stain is gone, dampen a clean white rag with cold water and blot the area again.

Step 5:
Blot the area dry with another clean white rag or paper towels.

Step 6:
Stop blotting, you’re done. Now toast your good work with a glass of wine — just sip carefully.

Did You Know?
The tannins in red wine that make these stains are so stubborn they can even stain stone.


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