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How To Effectively Remove Pet Urine & Stains For Cheap

Non toxic DIY formula to remove pet odor an stains from carpet and mattresses. It Works!!

How To Effectively Remove Pet Stains & Urine

You will need the following items –

  • water
  • vinegar
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • dish soap
  • baking soda
  • firm bristle brush
  • terry cloth towels

First, if the stain is wet soak up any excess liquid using your terry cloth towel, paper towel or wet/dry vac.

Mix half water and half white vinegar and soak the stain. Make sure to go an inch or so around the stain to ensure removing all odor. Leave for a few minutes, then soak up excess moisture.

Add a thick (at least quarter inch) layer of baking soda.

Mix together hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. For every cup of peroxide needed, add a teaspoon of dish soap. Apply liberally.

Using your firm bristle brush, work the mixture into the stain.

Let sit for 15 minutes then soak up excess liquid.

Finally, let dry. This can take several hours to all night so be patient. When it’s completely dry take your brush and break up any clump. Vacuum the area. You’re done! There should be no stain or odor left.



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