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What is Carpet Filtration Soiling?

Carpet Filtration Soiling Explained

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, filtration soiling is a phrase used to explain dark, grayish lines that can appear because of airborne pollutants – dust, smog, cleaning agents, etc. – accumulating on the fibers of the carpet in areas where there is limited air flow.

While a few could have you think otherwise, filtration soiling isn’t dependent on the overall quality of carpet selected, as even the highest quality carpet can become afflicted from this type of soiling. Filtration soiling, however, will be more noticeable on lighter colorations of carpet as opposed to on darker colors.

Where does it occur?

As mentioned previously, filtration soiling mostly occurs in areas where there is limited air-flow including around baseboards, under doors, down the edges of stairs and under some furnishings in addition to prevent walls where plywood sub-flooring materials could have been joined.

This type …

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Choosing The Best Carpet Cleaners on Oahu

Carpet Cleaning Oahu Professionals recommend having your carpets cleaned at least once every six months, but identifying the best company to clean your carpets can be confusing.


The Best Carpet Cleaners on the island of Oahu

Follow these steps to hire the best Oahu carpet cleaners.

1. Identify Your Needs continue reading this. Are you interested in routine carpet cleaning, or have pets and children created a need for upholstery cleaning as well? Are you hiring for a standard residential job, or do you need someone who can handle the clean-up duties after a fire, floor, or sewage backup?

2. Get Recommendations. Ask family members and friends about their carpet cleaning experiences. Read reviews online. Do not simply go with the first cleaning company that sends you a flyer in the mail. If no one can recommend a particular firm, call cleaning companies and ask for a few …

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