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carpet_cleaning-manAt Carpet Cleaning Honolulu, we provide premium carpet cleaning services with regards to getting your carpets clean, fresh, stain free, and brand new looking. We offer only the best possible solutions and treatments for any carpet issues that you are experiencing.

We offer professional truck mounted equipment to assist you with cleaning all your items. We also use the Rhino Rotary tool, a device that moves through surfaces quickly with a speed of around 650 passes in a minute. Everything we do is done to help you out with getting the best possible results out of the cleaning process.

We provide the following services to help keep your carpets and other surfaces clean & under control:

  • Rhino Rotary cleaning – We will use the Rhino Rotary tool to pass through your surfaces quickly after they have been pre-treated and spot cleaned. We will also dry your area out with a circular dryer.
  • Steam cleaning – This uses safe water with a pre-wash and spot treatment to help remove the deepest stains. A cleaning wand will be used for this procedure.
  • Tile and grout cleaning – We will handle a rotary cleaner with plenty of pressure to keep your surfaces clean.
  • Upholstery cleaning – We offer plans to clean all sorts of upholstery materials. We can handle synthetic materials and silk among other popular materials in your home. Odor removal. Any old odor you have, even pet odors, can be removed. We will handle deep cleaning methods, including sub surface cleaning methods, to remove old odors. DuPont Teflon services. This carpet protection material will secure your carpet with an easy to handle material that can quickly move onto your carpet. Dye stain removal. We will handle heat transfers to remove all kinds of dye stains of varying colors.


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Our company believes that our carpet cleaning system is the best, safest and healthiest carpet cleaning methods available. Our carpet cleaning system is environmentally friendly and our cleaning products are biodegradable, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic.

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This is all done through the support of our trained Carpet Cleaners. Our workers have been working throughout the area for years and can work with any property in the city.

The Honolulu Carpet Cleaners that we hire are all experienced and can work with stain removal, water damage repairs, pet stain removal and many other things. We can even handle tiles and grout surfaces around your home. We work hard for anything you have.

We work with the best carpet cleaning tools and equipment possible because we want to keep the deepest issues out of the way. Traditional vacuuming won’t be good enough. It may not get all the allergens in your surfaces. These can easily cause allergies and asthma to become worse than they could be. You’ll need plenty of protection for your carpets and other surfaces and at Carpet Cleaning Oahu services we can help no matter where you live on the island.

All of our carpet cleaning services come with a strong warranty and the best possible service. We will care for your items and will ensure that they are treated carefully.

If you are an active member of the armed forces, we offer military discounts whether you live on or off base.

We guarantee that we will give you the best possible results and service you deserve. If you need help with getting your carpets cleaned, we can work with any type of carpet issues that you may have regardless of what the problem may be.

No worries… all of our carpet cleaning jobs are 100% Guaranteed!

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